McCracken County zoning maps under the microscope


Reporter - Robert Bradfield
Photojournalist - Justin Jones

McCRACKEN COUNTY, Ky. - Depending on your address, you could be living under an unlawful zoning designation.  After allegations surfaced that McCracken County's zoning maps were changed, Sheriff Jon Hayden wants a review of the zoning policies to make sure there were no missteps or illegal activity.

"For parcels of property to be changed or their designation changed, there is a variety of legal things that has to be done," he said.  Whether the law was followed or not is something the Attorney General's Office would look into if it agrees to conduct an investigation.  Hayden said depending on the designation, property values could change.  "It could increase some property value or it could decrease someone's property value."

That's cause for concern for Ron Hughes,  the president-elect for Kentucky's Board of Realtors.  "When you buy a piece of property and it's in one zone, you know what you can do with it.  All of a sudden it shows up in a different zone, now you might not be able to do with what you wanted to do with it," Hughes said.

He says the changes could be profound. "It could have stopped an individual from selling the property for the purpose it was intended, which would have been monetarily damaging," he said.