Middle school uncovers threat through Facebook


Reporter - Elizabeth Fields
Photojournalist - Mason Watkins

CRITTENDEN COUNTY, Ky. - A Facebook post on Wednesday night led to an investigation at Crittenden County Middle School. By Thursday, the school sent out a letter reassuring parents the situation was resolved and students were not in danger, but the rumors are still running rampant in the community.

Superintendent Dr. Rachel Yarbrough told Local 6 she first learned about the potential danger because of a Facebook post. A parent posed the question about what to do if he or she had information about a potential threat. Yarbrough said that post led to calls to the principal, administrators, parents, and police. She said they needed to gather as much information as they could before school started Thursday.

In a letter to parents, school leaders said investigators were led to follow-up with two students regarding the rumored threatening statements.

It went on to say the investigation reached a conclusion and all appropriate law enforcement steps and school district discipline procedures were implemented.

"At no time were any students or staff in any imminent danger," said Yarbrough. "At no time was there a direct threat against individual students."

But she added that over the weekend the same social medial site that helped led them to an investigation helped spread what she calls "an enormous amount of misinformation." She had heard rumors of everything from a hit list full of specific student names to an elaborate get-away plan.

"That is absolutely not the truth," she said. "It was not the truth during the investigation we started on Wednesday night and it's not the truth today."

Yarbrough wasn't able to elaborate on any consequences for any students connected to the general threats. She said said parents can always report any potential threat to school officials or to the police.