Miley Cyrus dance moves create controversy


Reporter - Mychaela Bruner
Photojournalist- David Dycus

METROPOLIS, Il—New York City sizzled last night with some of the biggest stars in music. But, people are talking primarily about the Miley Cyrus performance at MTV's video music awards, which many found shocking.

Miley Cyrus' dance moves at the VMAs last night are the talk of the internet today. The 20-year-old singer and actress performed with Robin Thicke and the performance was memorable to say the least.

Some local parents are outraged and say the former Hannah Montana star will never be the role model she once was to their children.

Metropolis mother of three Jennifer Travis watches the VMAs every year. "There's something that shocks us every year but I just don't think you could be prepared for that by any means. It was definitely raunchy," said Travis.

Travis said the Miley Cyrus' performance shocked her and her husband. "It was a little uncomfortable. Her moves were definitely something I wouldn't think would be on TV, a channel kids can watch," said Travis.

Those moves and that behavior is exactly what family therapist Justin Lewis said degrades women.

"It was just completely inappropriate behavior, sexually suggestive, disrespecting her body and disrespecting marriage by dancing on a married man," said Lewis.

Travis said those dances moves last night will make her think twice about her kids looking up to celebrities.

"Some of those moves belong in dirty movies... That's just disgusting. It's gross. It's definitely something I don't want my 5-year-old to see," said Travis.

Travis said Cyrus could have left an impact without dancing like that.

"It makes me upset if this is entertainment now. Ten years when my children are teenagers...What will be on TV," said Travis.

Some moms may be upset about Miley Cyrus' performance last night, but her own mom was proud. According to 'Inside Edition', Cyrus' mother Tish was seen on camera giving her daughter a standing ovation.

Not only moms were talking about Cyrus' performance. A local disc jockey, A.J Martin of Electric 96.9, said despite all of the other news that happened today, his station has been swarmed with calls about Cyrus' performance.

Martin said Cyrus warned everyone on the red carpet that she was going to do something crazy and he said she succeeded.

"I think there will be a direct effect from that. You may see kids doing the dances, some of the behavior. You just never know. These celebrities have such an impact on young lives," said Martin.

Her provocative dance moves became a trending topic on Twitter. Cyrus has made her way to the top of Twitter at 300,000 tweets per minute.