Moving Mobile Classrooms Out


Reporter - Briana Conner
Photographer - Randall Barnes

MCCRACKEN COUNTY, Ky.— A local school district is making moves. The new McCracken County High School allows school leaders to shuffle other students around because the district now has additional room.

Next year, first through third graders will be split between the Lone Oak and Hendron-Lone Oak Elementary School buildings. The current Lone Oak Middle School building off Cumberland Avenue will house fourth and fifth graders, and kids in sixth through eighth grades will attend middle school in the current Lone Oak High School building.

District leaders say it's the best plan moving forward. The permanent changes are alleviating the need for 11 temporary classrooms the district was renting.

Mobile classrooms and the McCracken County Public School system's overcrowding problem will soon both be things of the past. Thanks to district reconfiguration, the trailers are moving out when the next crop of kids come in next school year."I think it'll be wonderful for the students," said Director of Facilities Todd Jackson.

Jackson said, "Overcrowding in McCracken County Schools has been a problem for a while now." He said the changes they've made at the high school level are bringing benefits all the way down to the district's youngest students. "In opening the new high school, we thought best to move the Lone Oak schools first," said Jackson.

That's because the Lone Oak schools were the most crowded. Their entire fourth and fifth grade classes went to school inside double-wides, instead of in permanent classrooms. "A mobile unit is never the same as your standing structure, your building. So, I think the students will benefit greatly," said Jackson.

One trailer has already moved out, and the others at the elementary schools are on their way out as well. Jackson said the district will save about $100,000 in rental money alone.

The schools in Reidland and Heath will follow the same plan starting in the 2014-2015 school year.