Murray School District Ranks Fourth in State


Reporter: Mychaela Bruner
Photographer: Justin Jones

MURRAY, Ky—Murray Independent School District is one of the top school districts in the state for preparing students for college and future careers.  The district ranked fourth in state-wide assessment results.

Marshall County School District came in number five in the state for overall assessment results.

Some schools achieved a "distinguished" classification, which means schools are progressing.  "Distinguished" means districts are achieving a notch higher classification by being recognized for meeting or exceeding their individual goals from the year before.

We have five local school districts ranking within the top 20, including Murray Independent, Marshall County and Lyon County - being the top three.

Calloway County School District ranks number 17 and McCracken County School district ranks number 19.

Murray High School Principal Teresa Speed is proud of her school's new "distinguished" classification.

"It's a challenge every year...It's expected and they meet it. Students will meet your expectations if you give them the support they need," said Principal Speed.

LoTarsha Lee is a proud parent of two students at Murray High.

"That means my children are getting the best education here at Murray High. I'm excited about that, knowing they're excelling from year to year and reaching their goals," said Lee.

English teacher Laurie Edminister said it is a team effort and it is all about building great relationships.

"As a teacher keep learning how to make your content accessible to students and showing your students that your material is relevant and getting them to engage & buy-in to the learning process," said Laurie.

Murray High is in the 97th percentile and Principal Speed said it gives the district more of a reason to set even higher goals.

"Our goal for next year is simple, 97 or 98 and that's tough. The higher you get, the higher they are to meet them," said Principal Speed.

But, Principal Speed said the top is where she wants her district to be and stay.

Out of the lowest districts in our area, Fulton Independent is near the bottom, ranked 168 out of 175 school districts.

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