New scam targets debit card users


Reporter - Robert Bradfield
Photojournalist - Randall Barnes

GRAVES COUNTY, Ky. - A phone scam is making its way into the Local 6 area and banks warn to simply hang up.

"It is always best to be a critic.  Never fall for it," said Brooke Wiles.

She's the marketing coordinator for FNB Bank in Mayfield.  She's been taking calls non-stop from customers who claim a scammer called, asking for their debit card information. 

"For those customers that did give their information, they need to contact us," Wiles said.

Down the road at Your Hometown Federal Credit Union, Melody Kendall is taking the same type of calls.

"It started a little bit before noon and it's been pretty constant since then," Kendall said.  She told Local 6 the latest scam goes against her bank's policies.  They don't even have an automated system.

"If you get a phone call from us, it is personally from one of us," Kendall said.

Regions Bank and US Bank, along with several others, are also warning their customers to not give out their personal information.  Wiles said the elderly are among the most vulnerable and should never give out any information over the phone.

"They are very trusting.  They are not used to all the new technology that's out there," Wiles said.