President: Americans can keep their insurance plans


Web Editor - Amanda Roberts

WASHINGTON - Early this afternoon, President Obama made public remarks about the Affordable Health Care Act.

Americans can renew their canceled insurance policies in the new year if their respective insurance companies will offer coverage.

President Obama stated that among primary concerns were making sure the website was working as it is supposed to, and ensuring coverage for Americans who have received letters indicating they would no longer be covered under their current insurance plan.

He said insurers, however, will need to notify consumers what their plans do not include as well as what their options are in the open marketplace.

There was a grandfather clause in the law maintaining consumers’ current insurance plans, “but it was insufficient.”

The President admitted the rollout of the Affordable Health Care Act and its website had been “wrought with a whole range of problems,” and they “fumbled the rollout.”

He said he was “not informed directly” that the website was not working as it should have been.


The President guarantees “the Affordable Care Act will not be the reason you have to cancel your plan,” and knows that some will require “more assistance in the application process.”