Paducah City Commission approves zoning change request and Kresge building ordinance


Producer - Catlin Bogard
Web Editor - Mason Stevenson

PADUCAH, Ky. - New business for Paducah, Kentucky.  That's the reason behind a zoning change request approved by the Paducah City Commission Tuesday.

Three parcels of land off Hinkleville Road, plus Concord Elementary School, are changing from residential to a highway business district.

Changing the zoning allows for building or parking expansions to occur without the need for a conditional use permit.

Also at Tuesday's meeting, the commissioners approved an ordinance to pay for $21,000 of work on the Kresge building.

Last month, crews removed debris from the building after a partial roof collapse.

The city says they're continuing to work with the property owner on the building's future.