Paducah Tilghman alums to appear on NBC's "The Sing-Off"


Web Editor - Nick Miller

PADUCAH - Two Paducah Tilghman graduates who also went to the University of Kentucky will be seen and heard nationwide tonight on NBC.

Jordan Lindsey and Mason Stewart will appear with their group, The Acoustikats, and will perform 'Blurred Lines' during the two hour premier of "The Sing-Off".

"You've seen Ivy League groups on the show before who've been musically awesome, but we bring a special personality to the group that nobody's really seen from a collegiate group on the show before," Jordan said.

"Hopefully for us, this will bring more awareness, better talent to the university, especially the Men's Choir Department and the Fine Arts Department at UK," Mason said.

The group will perform near the end of tonight's program, which airs on Local 6 from 8 to 10 p.m. this evening. They auditioned for the show back in May and waited several weeks to hear that they had made it.

The guys have quite the following back in Kentucky. Mason's mom even rented the Maiden Alley Cinema tonight for a watch party.