Power companies better prepared, experiencing less outages


Reporter - Mychaela Bruner
Photographer - Michael Bradford

MCCRACKEN COUNTY, Ky. - Staying warm is on the minds of many families tonight as the temperatures begin to drop, and losing power is the main concern for many after the ice storm in 2009.

Local power companies are reporting that only a handful of people lost power today. However, 35 members in the Freemont area were without power for about an hour due to a tree falling on a line. Ice and freezing rain cause build up on powerlines which can create problems. But one local power company says this snow storm is a dream compared to previous ice storms.

Paducah Power Community Relations Director Andrea Underwood says thankfully so far, the utility has only had a few small outages that affected a total of 6 people. Paducah Power supplies electricity to 23,000 people. Underwood says after the 2009 ice storm, they are better prepared this time around.

"We're prepared for whatever comes along. Now you can never guess what mother nature is going to do," Underwood said. "The biggest issue we usually have with ice is limbs breaking and falling on the lines that causes a lot of problems, but so far we seem to be holding on our own."

If the lines accumulate too much ice and snow, the power at your home could go out. Underwood says not to panic, just call your power company. Paducah Power has crews on stand-by in case homes do lose power.

Just one quarter of an inch of ice accumulation can add 500 pounds of weight per line span. If your power goes out, you are asked to call your power provider.