Road crews working around the clock to clear roads


Reporter - Robert Bradfield
Photographer - Chad Darnall

MCCRACKEN COUNTY, Ky.  - Road crews have been working around the clock trying to get ahead of the sleet and snow, but this time they say it proved to be a little trickier.

Kentucky Transportation Department maintenance worker John Ringstaff is no stranger to plowing snow.

"Not as easy as a lot of people think. You got to make sure your spinners are putting out. You gotta watch your snow plow," Ringstaff said.

He's spent the past 13 years preparing for situations like this. Today, the roads are no different.

He is a member of one of 15 state crews working to clear the road. They did not pretreat because of rain ahead of today. Ringstaff started his day at one this morning. He expects to work more long hours this weekend.

"This could be a lot worse if we hadn't got out that early and got on it. But I think we pretreated it, it would have looked the same because the water would have washed it all down the drain," Ringstaff said.

Ringstaff says state transportation workers often take a lot of heat during the year. But he says when the weather changes, so does the public's perception.

"Usually, this is the only time where we do get a thumbs up or people saying good job. A lot of times it seems we are in the way when we're out doing stuff," Ringstaff said.

Crews will next focus on clearing out sidewalks and removing the snow once they are able to. Ringstaff and the state transportation crews are also laying salt now to help the roads after they are cleared. He says that will continue ahead of Sunday's winter weather.