Salt eating some county budgets


Reporter- Elizabeth Fields
Photojounalist- Mason Watkins

PADUCAH - Road crews will be the first to say salting roads for winter weather is not a perfect science which is why some counties are worried about running out of money and our of supplies.

Carlisle County Judge Executive Greg Terry told Local 6 his county used 2/3 of their supply on the first big snow storm in December. Their budget is only $20,000 for the entire winter so he knows he's already over budget, but he's worried about running out of salt. He said they have 50 tons of salt left.

"What we'll do now is just intersections and things like that just so we can keep some of the worst areas down," Terry said.

He said he's trying to find somewhere to buy more, but so far hasn't had much luck.

Even though the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet isn't worried about it's supply, there are concerns.

"A ton of salt costs the same as a tone of asphalt and if we had money that we don't use on snow and ice than that gives us extra money we can roll into extra pavement out there in the roads," said Keith Todd, KTC Spokesperson. "If we go overboard on our salting and winter snow and ice response then that leaves us less money to pave roads in the summer so it's kind of a balancing act."