Scam Alert: Hickman sheriff says someone is posing as T.V. sales rep.


Reporter - Elizabeth Fields
Photojournalist - Mason Watkins

HICKMAN COUNTY, Ky. - Hickman County Sheriff Mark Green is investigating a potential scam he said is spreading across county lines.

There are at least two men who are traveling door-to-door claiming to be working for Direct TV or Dish Network. He said residents have reported they are trying to get invited into the homes and collect credit card information.

Sheriff Green said they appear to be on foot, but they're not, and they are a few other red flags. 

"They tell a first name only when they approach them," he said. "They do not have any kind of ID card that they're showing to people. They're hitting door to door in a porche. A little silver car, instead of a service car." He added the car has Wyoming plates.

Other reports have come in of similar situations in Carlisle County and Graves County.

If you see the car or come in contact with the men, you're asked to call the Hickman County Sheriff at (270) 653-2241.