Second busiest shopping day of the year successful despite the rain


Reporter: Mychaela Bruner
Photographer: Justin Jones

BENTON, Ky—Today is super Saturday, the second busiest shopping day of the season.  With Christmas only four days away, it is the last chance to get your last-minute Christmas shopping done.

The rainy weather may have slowed some of you down today, one local business owner said despite the weather she still expects a good turnout.

That Cute Little Shop owner Tracy McDonald said this is the store's third Christmas and so far business is booming. McDonald said not even rain could keep shoppers away today on the second busiest shopping day of the year.

"Snow and ice not good, rain the Saturday before Christmas, bring it, we're ready," said McDonald.

McDonald says her store is even open on Christmas Eve.

"We're trying to cater to the customers, despite the weather, we are having 40 percent store-wide sales, I tell you rain wouldn't stop me," said McDonald.

McDonald said she is keeping a positive outlook, despite the rain.

"It's just planning if you will, you know it's coming so that's the most important thing and keeping the right focus, the best gift we've already gotten for Christmas," said McDonald.

McDonald said the best gift for Christmas is the gift of giving.

That Cute Little Shop is located on Main Street in Benton.  Tomorrow the shop will be open from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m., offering a 40 percent discount until Christmas.  For more information, call That Cute Little Shop at (270) 906-2352.