Senator Rand Paul speaks in western Kentucky about slashing spending and debt


Reporter- Briana Conner
Photographer- David Dycus

MARSHALL COUNTY, Ky.— The budget, social security, jobs, and health care were all topics of discussion Monday when Kentucky Senator Rand Paul stopped by to stump at a local rotary club meeting. A majority of the 20-minute speech focused government spending and national debt.

Many people in the audience said they are optimistic, but still a little worried right now. Though the government is back open, that doesn't mean political leaders are any closer to a grand compromise.
With the next showdown coming early next year, some in the audience said they wouldn't be surprised if another shutdown happened.

"There is a problem. There's a certain dysfunctionality to what's going on up there," said Senator Paul. He talked about the issues in front of a crowd that included some little ears. "Part of home schooling is getting involved in the community. Seeing what happens where it happens," said Charlotte Creekmore. She brought her three children to hear Senator Paul speak, though she said she has been disappointed in the government lately. "It's ridiculous. They aren't able to agree on anything."

Senator Paul agreed and said, "It's a problem. I mean it really is." Something is wrong with Washington, though he said it's spending and debt. "If we want to get jobs and growth in Kentucky again, I think we need to lessen this burden of debt... We need more caps on how much money is spent." That was an idea  a lot of people seemed to agree with.

Paul said taking that same enthusiasm to the voting booth will make the difference moving forward. "If we think and believe in what we do, we have to go get more reinforcements and people who believe what we believe in the next election," he said.

That is the definition of democracy. Creekmore said, "We want them to see what's really going on, analyze the facts, and actually hear people speak... hear their opinion, and know why they're voting for somebody." It's a feature of a government she says she's proud to teach her children about.

Senator Paul also touched on a new idea he plans to introduce this fall called "Economic Freedom Zones." It's a 10-year stimulus plan that would help counties in Kentucky with high unemployment rates.