Several homes burglarized in a local county


Reporter - Mychaela Bruner
Photographer - Justin Jones

LIVINGSTON COUNTY, Ky. - Burglaries are on the rise in a local county.

Multiple people in Livingston County, Kentucky reached out to Local 6 with more questions than answers, saying they have each been burglarized. Neighbors said multiple homes in the area have been 'hit.'  They believe their homes have been targeted for a particular reason.

The Livingston County Sheriff's Department said they are doing everything they can to track down those thieves to make these families feel safer.

"We're a small department. We got a lot of square miles, populations close to 10,000. I have five road units and myself...If we see a spot that seems like it's happening more often, we'll send them during the evening over there for a little extra patrols," said Sheriff Bobby Davidson.

Sheriff Davidson said the department is trying to adjust deputies' schedules to keep them out later at night.  Neighbors said extra enforcement may not calm their nerves because some are scared to go to sleep.

Maria Smith said the thieves came through her back door after taking an ax to it. She said it is not only her valuables that are stolen.  It's her security too.

After being burglarized, Smith thanks her dog, Zoey, for her safety.

"While they were trying to break into the back door, Zoey she got to barking...My neighbors can hear her barking she's so loud," said Smith.

Thieves stole Smith's Kawasaki Mule and a four-wheeler, amounting to thousands of dollars, but what they did not steal was Smith's spirit.

"It does invade your privacy, but you can't live in a scared mode, being afraid...I will have a pistol carrying when I come in at night time," said Smith.

Just down the road, Smith's neighbor, Brad and Melissa Winn, were also 'hit.'

"I opened the garage door turned the key, looked inside, glass all over the floor," said Winn.

Winn said the jewelry that was stolen and the broken door are replaceable, but his families security is not.

"I'm afraid that somebody is going to get hurt or killed before this is all over with and this needs to stop and it needs to stop right now," said Winn.

Both neighbors say doors and windows will forever be locked.

Sheriff Davidson asks residents to lock their doors and windows at night and watch out for their neighbors.  Sheriff Davidson asks if anyone have any information related to these crimes to contact local law enforcement or the Livingston County Sheriff's Department. 

Three Kentucky State Police officers are helping patrol areas that have been 'hit' to prevent another burglary.