Severe weather damages a local neighborhood


Reporter: Mychaela Bruner
Photographer: Barry Stevenson

GRAVES COUNTY, Ky—Heavy rains and strong winds swept through the area on Saturday causing damage to several homes in Graves County. One particular neighborhood was hit hard and workers say these home owners are lucky to be alive. Residents say the weather started off just like any other summer day.

Graves County Deputy Director of Emergency Management Jamey Locke said, "We had pretty weather in the afternoon, but just the way a lot of these storms have been doing here lately is building in the afternoon."

Severe weather, powerful enough to uproot and even split trees in half, swept through a Graves County neighborhood on Saturday.

Tanner Laid was driving back and the storm and described what it was like. "Just rough, the wind was blowing real bad and I could barely see," said Laid. Waid said he could not see more than 20 feet ahead of him. "I was just thinking man I got to get out of here before the storm hits bad," said Laid.

Locke said this neighborhood will need a lot of work. Locke said, "Service companies that are coming in and tarping everything for the residents and just trying to get it to where they can sustain and get the repairs done and move on with their life."

However, the owner that lives in this home will not be moving on soon. Crews said they have been working on this home since 7:30 a.m.

Owner of Pro-Tree Service Tim Adams said, Everything that we've gone to has been severely bad, crashed through the roof into the ceiling, it was a mess."

But with the bad... There is always good. Laid said, "It's doing some people good. It's bringing me work and doing the farmers good."

After the storm... Always comes the calm. Locke said, "You saw the storm back off to the east, the dark blue skies, and then you saw one very prominent rainbow and then you saw one that you nearly had to look and make sure you got the second one, but it was a beautiful site."

Residents in the area think the damage was caused from a possible microburst. However, neither tornadic activity or a microburst has been confirmed by the national weather advisory.