Sheriff: Phone scam circulating for a second time


Reporter - Elizabeth Fields
Photojournalist - Mason Watkins

FULTON COUNTY, Ky.- If a phone scam in the Fulton County area has a familiar ring, it should. The sheriff said a phone scam is circulating for a second time in about a year.

Sheriff Bobby Hopper said the caller first informs the potential victim about an unpaid bill, or overdue fine.

"Usually less than $500," he said.

Then, asks for a debit card number or bank account number to pay it. Finally, the sheriff said, the scam artist tops it off with a scare tactic.

"And if they don't, there will be criminal charges," he said.

Hopper said he got two calls on Tuesday from potential victims who avoided the scam and his hope is because this is the second time residents have been targeted, no one will fall for it this time.

"Nobody gets scammed, yes, that's what we're hoping," he said.

Hopper wants to remind residents to never give out information over the phone and try to avoid talking with them, too much. He said the safest thing to do, is hang up.