Sheriff's deputies monitor traffic at McCracken County High School


Reporter - Mychaela Bruner
Photojournalist - Jason Thomason

MCCRACKEN COUNTY, Ky. - Safety is on the minds of all parents who have a young driver in high school. Deputies are ramping up their presence at a local school, putting some parents more at ease.

McCracken County High School reached out to the McCracken County Sheriff's Department before the new high school opened to help influence driving habits on roads near the high school.

Neighbors in the area have complained about reckless driving and speeding. Sheriff's Deputies' main concern is the safety of all drivers, especially as students are coming to and from school.

Deputies said the road that leads to the school is grid-locked most days before and after school and drivers who are texting, not buckled and speeding are on their radar. But, deputies said they do not mind the extra enforcement because they know they are helping students get to and from school safely.

For Sheriff's Deputy Lindsey Miller, this is an everyday ritual. "We're having a lot of complaints of speeders along 60 and old 60 especially by the residents and we're extra patrolling the school area," said Miller. 

2,000 students means a lot more traffic and McCracken County Principal Michael Ceglinski said he is thankful deputies are his extra set of eyes.

"Some of our students have gotten some warnings and that's enabled us to have conversations with our kids. Ya know, look this is a positive thing, we want your safety first and foremost, just take it a little slower," said Ceglinski.

Miller said it is not all about using the radar gun and writing tickets. She said she has the students best interest at heart. "With all the school shootings, threats that go on at high school with the amount of kids that got thrust together and making sure they're safe and parents feel safe, our presence out there is helpful to them and school officials," said Miller.

At the school's request, deputies are sharing any traffic citations and verbal warnings with the school's resource officer. Principal Ceglinski is sitting those students down and talking to them about their safety. In the future, he said if there is repeated offenses, he may revoke driving privileges.