Snow days accumulate, summer shrinks


Reporter - Jason Hibbs
Photojournalist - Mike Spissinger

LIVINGSTON COUNTY, Ky.---Many kids love the snow and the snow day that comes along with it.

Too many snow days can create headaches for your child's school administrators. Monday marked the ninth snow day for Livingston County students.

The superintendent tells us they'd have to miss more than 20 days to qualify for makeup day forgiveness.  In Missouri, Cape Girardeau County kids missed four days. They'd have to miss eleven to qualify for a disaster declaration.

Harrisburg, Illinois students missed seven days so far. They must make up five and beyond that snow days are forgiven.

Lake County, Tennessee students missed five days. The board would have to go before the state to ask for 'snow day forgiveness.'

All play and no work; this is a snow day. But for adults, it's so different.

Custodians try to get South Livingston Elementary ready just in case school is held tomorrow.

At the high school, classrooms sit empty and hallways are dark.

Superintendent Darryl Chittenden says it's a must.

"This was a very easy decision today," Chittenden said.

Buses can't safely travel some roads and some parents wont do it either.

But the first 20 days missed must be made up, that's why teachers and administrators can't wait for this stuff to melt, so they can get back to class.

Superintendent Chittenden said students in his school district likely wont get out for summer break until the last week in may. 

Chittenden said the last time Livingston County students missed that many or more days, was during the flood of 2011.