The heat is here


Reporter - Briana Conner
Photographer - David Dycus

PADUCAH, Ky.— The heat is here. Many of you felt 90 degree temperatures Tuesday for the first time this year as we prepare to say goodbye to spring and hello to another sweltering summer. The number of cool days we have left are starting to be few and far between, and if last year is any indicator, we're in for a hot and sticky ride these next few months.

Kids expressed their glee over the sunny day. "Now it's summer, and we're happy." "It's a little hot and muggy, but it feels good though." "I could maybe take it a little hotter," they said.They found a piece of paradise under the afternoon sun at Noble Park. "It's been mostly kinda cool. This feels good right now," said Connor Cima.

The playground is open, but the pool is closed for cleaning. Tyler Cima said, "I was kinda mad, because we all got excited for it. Even my brother. So I was pretty mad."    

But, cooling water is flowing across town at he Robert Coleman Spray Park."It is extremely humid. It's very sweaty, and it's very wet," said Jacquiline Mason as she sat under the shade. She brought her daughter out to try and beat the heat. "If the sun is shining, she feels like that's her green light to go out the door," Mason said.

The sun definitely isn't any fun for those who have to work in it, but for care-free kids, summertime is sweet.