Thieves steal copper wiring from bridge


Anchor - Todd Faulkner
Photojournalist - Chad Darnall
Editor - Mike Spissinger
Web Editor - Mason Stevenson

LYON COUNTY, Ky. - Thefts happen all the time, but very seldom involve a bridge.  Recently, thieves targeted Kentucky 453, also known as the Canal Bridge.  It cross the canal that connects Kentucky Lake with Lake Barkley.

What they took was a few hundred dollars in copper wiring which helps power the navigational lights on the bridge.

"We don't know if they used bolt cutters or what, but they tore into the conduit that carries the power out to the navigational lights and essentially destroyed the entire wiring system on the bridge," Kentucky Transportation Cabinet spokesman Keith Todd said.

That left the state with an emergency on their hands:  no working lights on the bridge.

"They've endangered people that go under this bridge on boats.  They've endangered people that drive on the bridge," Todd continued.

On Thursday, crews worked to fix the problem and used the opportunity to 'go green' by installing solar navigational lights.

Kentucky Transportation Cabinet crews plan to check the lights after nightfall Thursday.

Meanwhile, the investigation into who took the wiring continues.