Two men caught stealing copper wire from business



McCracken County, Ky. - McCracken County sheriff's deputies arrested two men and charged them with theft after copper wire was taken off two different air conditioners.

Deputies found two different air conditioners and a refrigeration unit had been tampered with at 4305 Clarks River Road, which was the location of the old Raceway Gas Station.

Deputies immediately determined that the unknown individuals had cut the copper wiring from the building, disconnecting the units from the building, and prepared the units to be removed. One air conditioning unit in particular, had been rolled to the end of the building in preparation to be removed quicker. This tactic is familiar to deputies as a common way that copper is stolen. Deputies immediately set up surveillance in the area in an attempt to wait for the return of the individuals to retrieve the copper and units.

Deputies later arrested Joseph Halbert, 30, of Paducah, and Martin Walker, 49, of Paducah. Both subjects were caught in the act of actively removing copper wiring from the exterior of the building.

Both subjects were arrested without incident at the scene.

Both subjects were also found to be in possession of specific tools used for the purpose of stealing and removing copper.

It was determined that the total amount to replace and repair the damages done by Walker and Halbert is in excess of $10,000.00

The 2000 Oldsmobile Bravada was also seized in connection with the thefts.

Walker was also found to be under the influence of alcohol, operating the vehicle as such, and also did not have insurance on his vehicle.