USEC workers to receive federal assistance after layoff


Reporter - Robert Bradfield

PADUCAH, Ky. - Workers at Kentucky's Career Center in Paducah are getting ready for an influx of unemployed applicants.

"There is a lot of uncertainty.  I think the unknowing is the hardest part for them," said Regional Manager Gina Johnston.

She's preparing to help the 1,100 USEC workers about to be laid-off from the plant in the coming months.  It's her job to help soften the blow of layoffs.  She's teaching her staff now about the federal benefits available to the workers before layoffs begin.

"One-on-one appointment, and they swill go through the paperwork. There will be informational orientations," she said.

With the Trade Adjustment Assistance, workers will be eligible for: job allowances, relocation allowances, training and extended unemployment benefits.

Jim Key, the Vice President of USW Local 5-50, said the Department of Labor did the right thing.  "The Department of Labor is to be applauded.  Certainly they have paid attention and gives it a prompt priority and expedited that through," Key said.

Johnston knows the added funds will help the workers, but it also means a lot of work for her.  "We will be extremely busy," she said.