UofL wins battle of "cardinal" logo


Producer - Manda Barger
Web Editor - Mason Stevenson

LIVINGSTON COUNTY, Ky. - In a battle of the birds, the Louisville Cardinal kicked the Livingston County, Kentucky Cardinal out of the nest.

The university claims the high school's angry bird looks too much like theirs.

Livingston County Schools' superintendent says he got an email from the university.

A UofL official asked for the school to promptly remove its quote "cardinal head with snarled teeth" logo from the high school and middle school's websites.
Louisville claims theirs is copywrited.
Livingston complied and turned the bird into a new "live red" logo, but they do plan on keeping the cardinal.

The school is working with a graphic designer.

"We're looking at other ways how we can have a unique cardinal that will not be in violation of anyone copyright," Superintendent Darryl Chittenden said.

Neither Louisville or Livingston mentioned litigation.