Volunteers arrive in Livingston County to help victims clean up


Reporter- Briana Conner
Photographer- David Dycus

LIVINGSTON COUNTY, Ky.-  Volunteer clean up crews hit the ground in Livingston County today after The National Weather Service confirmed an EF-2 tornado hit there. They started evaluations yesterday, then showed up Wednesday morning ready to work.

Sunday's tornado damaged 15 homes and destroyed five near Smithland. A mobile home off Mt. Zion Road was completely destroyed, and we talked to people there who said they're glad to receive the help.

Three days after the storm scenes of destruction still play in Livingston County in the trees, between blades of grass, and now piled up in heaps and ready to be hauled away. "Everything's just destroyed," said Chris Shelton, "It's just everything you've accumulated through your life."

Chris and his son, Michael, started cleaning up early Wednesday morning. By Wednesday afternoon, they had some help. "Our basic job is to give people hope and let them know they aren't forgotten. Someone does care about them and their situation," said Eddie Osburn with The Ohio River Baptist Association.

18 of their volunteers showed up in Livingston County with their work gloves on, and Osburn said they'll stay until the job is finished. "We just do it, because we love the Lord and love the people," he said. They're a crew full of helping hands that roll through after a storm to help people recover. "We're moving on," said Shelton.

The Ohio River Baptist Association is made up of trained, but unpaid volunteers.  They also have a group in Livingston County working to tarp peoples houses before the rain comes later on in the week.