Volunteers help restore campground after government shutdown


Reporter - Jason Hibbs
Photojournalist - David Dycus

LYON COUNTY, Ky. - As we all know, dormancy can take it's toll on any piece of property.  Our federal campgrounds are no exception.

That's why campground cleanup crews rushed to the sites to get ready for the campers who are coming back and they're getting some help!

The campgrounds may have closed but the leaves kept falling as nature ran its course.

Thursday morning crews ran to campgrounds hoping to restore them to 'tip top shape.'  One of the men doing the work, will likely restore your faith in humanity too.

At a time when many need their faith in our nation restored, Barry Goddard is the man for the job.

In fact he does a lot of jobs around here, but never considers it work.

To hear his story he has to turn off his leaf blower. When he starts talking, you'll understand why the 69-year-old does everything free of charge.

"Put 26 years in the U.S. Coast Guard, I retired," Self-proclaimed patriot Barry Goddard said.

He said he didn't want to stop serving his country.

"It's giving back, a little bit of, to this country, for the country," Goddard said.

From behind the wheel of his wife's golf cart he explains why he uses what he has to do what he can.  He's not alone.

"We do what has to be done," Goddard said.
There are six other Army Corps of Engineer volunteers, who Goddard said basically feel the same way.

"We're very, very blessed to have this country even as messed up as it appears to be right now," Goddard said.

After a quick chat it's back to blowing leaves.  Because soon the campground gates will be unlocked and Goddard said he wants the campground looking great, just like the country he serves.

The Canal Campground opened at 3 p.m. Thursday, along with Hurricane Creek.

LBL. is set to open on Friday at noon. A Corps of Engineers spokesperson told Local 6 if you had a reservation canceled due to the shutdown, you will be getting a refund in full.

The spokesperson said they are ready and willing to accommodate people who have already made reservations.