What's Going Around - Week of Feb. 26th


Anchor - Johnette Worak

Old Man Winter doesn't want to leave us anytime soon, nor do many winter illnesses.

Dr. Brian Harrison in Benton, lllinois reports a stomach virus causing nausea and vomiting, and an upper respiratory infection with cough, congestion, and fever. He's also treating lots of sinus infections.

Dr. William Robinson of Murray Medical Associates is seeing Influenza A, sore throats, and a stomach bug that causes nausea and vomiting.

Nurse Practitioner Michelle Elkins at Marshall County Family Medical is seeing sinusitis, seasonal allergy flare ups, sore throats, and a stomach virus.

Dr. David Saxon at Baptist Prime Care ni Paducah reports sinusitis and bronchitis.

Dr. Daisy Benigno in Hickman, Kentucky is reporting strep throat and a stomach virus.

Dr. Walter Fletcher in Martin, Tennessee reports strep throat and bronchitis.