Winter weather causes headaches for local businesses


Reporter - Julie Collins
Photojournalist - Mason Watkins

PADUCAH -- WInter weather is the kind of weather that puts us in the holiday spirit. However, it has caused headaches for several local businesses.

The ice and slush kept many folks inside, and consequently keeping businesses like Michelson Jewelers to close. They could not get in their doors on Friday, and opened two hours late the next day. They have missed out on a day and a half of Christmas shopping all together.

Owner Lewis Michelson is optimistic, saying his customers tend to wait until the 11th hour.

"Traditionally, they are late shoppers. Men have a tendency to procrastinate, all you ladies know that, so the last 10 days is really our season," Michelson said.

But this winter storm did not just affect what's under the tree, but the trees as well- and they're frozen.

Pat Lipford with the Knights of Columbus Tree Lot is not afraid the icy weather wil keep his customers away. Sometimes all you need is a good attitude. He says this is tree selling weather.

But all this natural business means Pat has some extra work to do to make the trees ready to purchase.

Proceeds from the tree sales go to needy families in Paducah and Brookport.