Edgar Yanez pleads guilty, 10 year sentence


Web Editor: Mason Stevenson
Reporter: Lauren Adams
Photojournalist: Chad Darnall
Web Editor - Amanda Roberts

UPDATE (2/10/2014):

Edgar Yanez has admitted for the first time today to driving a car under the influence that struck and killed a Paducah Sun delivery truck driver, Ezra Moffett.

Yanez has pled guilty to 2nd degree manslaughter, 1st degree criminal mischief, and 1st degree wanton endangerment.

The prosecution is recommending a 10 year sentence.

Yanez will be eligible for parole after serving 20 percent of his sentence.

The final sentencing will be Tuesday, February 25th at 10:30 a.m.

UPDATE (9/3/2013):

PADUCAH, Ky. - A judge has rejected a plea deal for a local teen charged with murder.

18-year-old Edgar Yanez is being held responsible for the death of Ezra Moffett.

Investigators say Yanez was driving under the influence in June of 2012 when he struck Moffett's van.  Moffett was delivering newspapers for The Paducah Sun.

Yanez accepted a plea deal last May, but his attorney told Local 6 Tuesday the judge rejected it.

Yanez's trial is set to begin February 10, 2014.

Original Story (5/20/2013):

PADUCAH, Ky. - The teen accused of killing a newspaper delivery truck driver, accepted a plea deal Monday in McCracken Circuit Court.

According to investigators, 18-year-old Edgar Yanez was under the influence and behind the wheel last summer when he hit a Paducah Sun delivery truck.  The driver, Ezra Moffett Jr., 34, was killed.

In a statement to Local 6, Yanez's attorney, Andrew Coiner, says evidence indicates Yanez may not have been driving at the time of the accident.  He called the deal, "an offer all sides worked hard to get to."

Monday, Yanez, who was charged with murder, pleaded guilty to an amended charge of manslaughter 2nd degree.  The Commonwealth dismissed the assault charge and Yanez instead plead guilty to wanton endangerment.

The DUI charge was also dropped, but Yanez plead guilty to criminal mischief.

His ten year sentence will run concurrent and Yanez will be eligible for parole after serving 20-percent of his sentence.

Coiner said in this case there were no winners, "It'll be tough on the Yanez family for a while, but it's also going to be tought on the Moffetts.  Edgar is going to come home to the Yanez family someday.  Mr. Moffett will not come home."

The Moffett family declined to comment on the case. As part of the deal reached Monday Yanez will be responsible for paying the cost of Moffett's funeral.  In addition, the Moffett family has filed a civil action lawsuit against Yanez and others.

Edgar Yanez will continue home incarceration until he is sentenced in September.