A local horse stars in the movie "The Lone Ranger"


Reporter: Mychaela Bruner
Photographer: David Dycus


FAIRDEALING, Ky—A local celebrity made its debut in the Disney movie "The Lone Ranger" over the holiday weekend. But, this celebrity may not be the character you are thinking of. This special character has four legs and was quite the actor. Arctic Bright View is one of several horses that portrays the horse, Silver, in "The Lone Ranger."

Paul and Berva Megson own Arctic Bright View and said he is special in so many ways. They said the horse has changed their lives and they were so excited when he finally returned home from the movie. Paul Megson has been training horses for as long as he can remember. Megson said, "The horse business is something you have to love, if you love it, then it's not work."

Megson owns about 24 white horses and has a close relationship with all of them. Megson said, "This is probably the largest herd of white registered thoroughbreds in the world." He said millions of thoroughbreds are registered in the world, but less than 100 horses are registered white.

Megson never thought owning these rare horses could change his life. "When they came knocking and wanted to use Arctic Bright View, I mean obviously we were humbled by the fact that they wanted to use our horse...When the movie situation came along, we realized there was quite an opportunity to do something else besides raise horses," said Megson.

Disney offered to buy the horse for the movie "The Lone Ranger," but Megson agreed to only lease Bright Arctic View because he could not imagine selling the horse his daughter, Valerie, fell in love with.

Valerie Rowe said, "I had no idea what this horse would be now, and when he bought it I was in tears. I was crying. It was one of the best moments in my life."

Arctic Bright View's owners said it is not only the tricks and stunts that make him so special. Rowe said, "Me and the horse have a special relationship I feel like, every time I come up to it, he puts his nose up to me and I kiss it,"

This special horse is not only a celebrity, but also a girl's best friend. Rowe said, "It makes me feel like the luckiest girl in the world... I was itty-bitty at the time when I first saw the horse and it was pure white. It was the most beautiful horse I'd seen in my entire life and I asked my dad and was like this is the horse I want, this is mine."

Arctic Bright View is currently in Ohio at The Cedar Brook Farm standing stud. He will return to the farm in Fairdealing at the end of July. Megson said he does not expect Arctic Bright View to star in another movie, but he said you never know what the future may bring.

White horses are a genetic anomaly. Megson said Arctic Bright View has a dominant white gene and that is what gives him his solid, bright color. Megson said researchers at the University of California, Davis have been studying this dominant white gene for quite some time.

"The Lone Ranger" is still out in theaters and is rated PG-13.