Business owners anticipating 'Small Business Saturday'


Reporter - Lauren Adams
Photojournalist - Randall Barnes

PADUCAH, KY-  Simply B has been a Broadway staple for 5 years.

"The B is for Brown and the 'Simply', I just wanted it to be simple, not a whole lot of fru-fru," owner Missy Brown explained of her shop.

Brown left a corporate job to realize her dream half a decade ago.

"You always want to invest in the community you live in, I think that's important," she continued.

Customers like Vicki Borden appreciate Brown's investment. It is why she said she was not spending 'Black Friday' at the mall.

"To support them is everything, if we don't they're not going to be here next year," she said of patronizing local shops.

In 2010, American Express created and coined the term 'Small Business Saturday.'  The retail holiday falls between Black Friday and Cyber Monday.  Last year, 100 million Americans came out to shop independently-owned, small businesses.

The date marks a time that is crucial to many of those stores' survival.

"It can be hard, but you make it work," Brown admitted of owning her own business.

Brown is not able to offer the big sales promised by so-called box stores but she prides herself on the extras, like customer service. 

"Today we've already had a great turnout but I'm hoping tomorrow will be even better," she said Friday afternoon.