CDC: Flu season will last until March


Reporter - Lauren Adams
Photojournalist - David Dycus
Web Editor - Mason Stevenson

GRAVES COUNTY, KY - Kathy Gifford, a nurse at the Graves County Health Department summarizes her past 2 months by saying, "Flu shot, after flu shot, after flu shot."

The numbers she and local hospitals are recording are showing a slow decrease in cases.  But, she says, things are still bad, "Last year we probably didn't have 20 cases and now we get reports of 20 at a time."

It's why the department has just 90 shots left. Last year, they ordered several hundred less and still had 200 that went unused.

Duncan's Pharmacy has just 7 shots left.  Pharmacist Mykal Tidwell says Tamiflu is just as popular this flu season.

"You go home and watch the news, hear about the shortage and wonder will it be there in the morning."

"As soon as we get a box in, it's gone in a day or two," he continued.

Because this season is projected to last for another two months, Tidwell says it will be worthwhile to get a flu shot for the next several weeks.