Evidence Delays Pittman Trial


Reporter - Lauren Adams
Photojournalist - Chad Darnall

MARSHALL COUNTY, KY-   Not long after arriving to court Tuesday morning, defense attorney Jamie Jameson was on his way out.  The case against his client, Tiffany Pittman had been delayed.

Pittman, 19, is charged with murder after police say she crashed into another car on U.S. 68 on the evening of August 15, 2011.  Police say Pittman's blood alcohol level was at .098 when she hit a car driven by Jimmy Harper.  Harper, 46, a father of two, was pronounced dead at the scene.

A third party, the judge declined to name, brought new evidence to the Commonwealth Attorney's office late Monday afternoon.  Commonwealth's Attorney Mark Blankenship saw it for the first time Tuesday morning before turning it over to the judge who ruled to continue the trial.

As boxes of Jameson's evidence were wheeled out, he admittedly was not sure what the new evidence would mean.





"I'm not sure, honestly. Obviously it gives everyone more time to look at the case."

That time is something Mark Blankenship says he does not need, neither does the family of Jimmy Harper.

"This was very frustrating for them. They had all prepared for this day, like all of us had," he said.

"It's just an incredible tragedy," he continued.

Blankenship declined to go into detail about the evidence.  But, Local 6 has confirmed the evidence is a report that could likely come into play during the trial. The judge has asked all parties involved to not comment. 

The trial for Tiffany Pittman is scheduled for December 4-6. Pittman will remain in the Marshall County Jail.