Husband-wife argument turns deadly


Reporter- Lauren Adams
Photojournalist - Mike Spissinger

ARLINGTON, KY-   Nancy Dodge woke up startled early Monday morning.  Her 4-month old rat terrier was barking.

Outside, she heard a heated argument.  Dodge recognized one of the voices- it was her neighbor and friend, Monica Muscovalley, 43.

Muscovalley called out to her in the dead of night, telling her to stay inside because her husband had a gun.  Investigators say Mark Muscovalley, 48, used the pistol just moments later.

"I thought she was dead when I heard the shots," Dodge remembered.

"I stuck my head out the door and hollered to Monica. She said she'd been shot in the legs," she continued.

Mark Muscovalley, investigators say, shot his estranged wife 3 times and then turned the gun on himself.  Mark, neighbors say, had broken down her front door and when she took off running he came after her, finally catching up to her in Nancy Dodge's backyard.

"It's heartbreaking.  I never dreamed he would do something like this," she said of the scene that unfolded in her backyard.

Dodge has been in contact with family.  They report Monica Muscovalley is undergoing surgery. Doctors in Nashville say the bullets shattered bones in both legs.