Kaler wins Paducah mayoral race in landslide


Reporter- Lauren Adams
Photojournalist - David Dycus

PADUCAH, KY- Gayle Kaler won the race for Paducah's mayor quickly and easily Tuesday.  The 3-term city commissioner watched the returns come in precinct by precinct and it was soon evident the election was hers for the taking.

Kaler ended up with 7,874 votes.  Write in votes were still being tallied late Tuesday night but at last count, political newcomer Renee Raney had just 30 votes.

Kaler said it was encouraging to see the number of people that had voted for her. 

She tells Local 6 the results from the City Commission race had her eager to take office, "I'm really pleased because we have two commissioners re-elected.  We need that continuity on the commission.  And, we have two new commissioners.  It turned out exactly the way I predicted it.  I think I've got a really good team."

Current Mayor Bill Paxton had reached his term limit and was unable to run in this election.