Leash law being discussed in McCracken County


Reporter - Lauren Adams
Photojournalist - Chad Darnall
Web Editor - Mason Stevenson



MCCRACKEN COUNTY, Ky. - A ride down any country road will give way to the barking of dogs. But, some residents say it is not what they are hearing that is problem, it is what they are seeing.

County Commissioners have recently received complaints about dozens of dogs roaming without leashes. It prompted a discussion Monday at the Fiscal Court meeting. Commissioner Jerry Beyer estimates 90% of those he has talked to favor a leash law.

Darla Bond is the owner to two dogs who have the run of her 26 acres in West McCracken County. She says she does not see the problem as her dogs usually stay close to home and are not vicious.

"They wouldn't be here if they were like that. I wouldn't have a dog on the property that would hurt somebody," she said.

Martha Emmons is the owner of Bike World. She agrees not all dogs are vicious, but says all are a distraction.

She says free roaming dogs cause several serious accidents a year.

But recently, she says, things have gotten worse, "We hear at least once a week somebody say they're afraid to ride a bike in the county because of the dogs."

"It is a major concern," she continued.

And it is a concern for Bond too. Because both of her dogs are rescues, they come with a unique history. Abbey, she says survived the tornado in Harrisburg. One year later, she says, the dog is "terrified" of being in any confined space or being leashed.

"It would be impossible. I might as well pack it up to Florida and head back to where I came from," she said.

Commissioner Jerry Beyer says he is hoping to hold an open forum next month for both sides to weigh in before a decision is made. If the law is passed, he says there would likely be different rules for agricultural and residential areas.