Mark Taylor's sister says he hesitated on day of murder


Reporter - Lauren Adams
Photojournalist - Chad Darnall

McCracken County, Ky- Wearing a pink jail jumpsuit, Denise Marshall took to the stand Wednesday in Circuit Court. Marshall told a jury her brother, Mark Taylor expressed hesitations on the day of the murder.

It was his wife Jamie, she said, that insisted on bringing CaSondra Evrard to the Taylor home and later took charge.

Investigators say Mark Taylor killed Evrard, 21, in December of 2010. Jamie Taylor entered a guilty plea last month and testified earlier in the week they believed their daughter Jasmine had been raped and Evrard was the one to engineer it.

Marshall testified Wednesday Jamie Taylor insisted on picking up Evrard and bringing her back to the Taylor home.

"She was gonna make her talk so she could find out what happened to Jasmine," she recalled.

Marshall, who has already pleaded guilty for her role in the crime, drove to several houses before they found Evrard.

Marshall admitted she grew restless, "They were taking too long and I went up to the door and I told them if they were coming they needed to come on."

But Jamie Taylor, she continued, was not leaving without Evrard. Once back at the Taylor home she said Jamie, not her brother, was calling the shots.

"We were sitting around in the living room and Jamie asked CaSondra, she said, 'Come here, and let me talk to you.' She was gonna get answers."

Taylor said, both Jamie and Mark Taylor were in a back bedroom when she heard what she described as a 'scuffle' and then her brother re-emerged, telling her to leave.

Marshall told the jury she did not think much of it.

"What did I think? I thought she was getting beat up."

She also testified Wednesday about her niece, Jasmine Taylor. Marshall was the one to take her to the hospital after she claimed she had been raped. She said Jasmine looked "pretty bad" and was "rambling" about being hurt and raped.

The defense also called Mark Taylor's neighbor, Jamie Bell. Bell testified he remembered seeing Jasmine acting out of sorts, dressed strangely and wandering the streets on the day after the party where she claimed she had been raped. Bell also told the jury he saw Denise Marshall crying on the porch of the Taylor home on the afternoon of the murder.

The defense planned to call an expert as the day's third and final witness. But, Judge Craig Clymer ruled the Commonwealth did not have sufficient evidence. Clymer says he was made aware of the expert Tuesday afternoon and the state only learned of the witness on Wednesday morning.

Closing arguments will get underway at 8:30 Thursday morning. Clymer said the jury could begin deliberations as early as 10 a.m.