New details revealed about Memorial Day wreck


Reporter - Lauren Adams
Photojournalist - Chad Darnall

MARSHALL COUNTY, KY-   Sheriff's Deputy Nathan Maxlow took to the witness stand in District Court Wednesday afternoon. 


He testified Cory Burkeen, 24, had no recollection of the events surrounding the night of May 28th.

Investigators say Burkeen was under the influence of a potent mixture of pills when he plowed into a car carrying four teens on US 95 in Calvert City that night.  Months later, when toxicology reports came back showing prescription pills in his system Burkeen was charged with wanton endangerment, assault, and driving under the influence.

Marshall county teenagers Landon Lovett and Shane McKenty were critically injured in the Memorial Day crash. Lovett remains in a coma in Nashville.  McKenty has returned home but he is undergoing extensive physical therapy.

Today, as a handful of the teen's parents listened, the veteran officer recalled what led to the crash. According to Maxlow, KSP Trooper James Martin pulled Burkeen over an hour before the wreck, cited him for going 18 miles over the speed limit, and sent him on his way.

Burkeen then headed to his cousin's house.  When his mom called wanting her Jeep back he grabbed two beers and hit the road.

"Mr. McGregor had swerved to try and avoid collision but was unable to," Maxlow said of the teenage driver.

Maxlow noticed more than just mangled wreckage on scene.  He saw two Bud Lights near Burkeen's Jeep, one was nearly empty.  Inside the vehicle he described a strong odor of alcohol. But tests would later show alcohol was not the problem, prescription pills were.

Valium and Klonopin were both found in his blood.

Throughout the day's proceedings, Burkeen slipped the occasional glance at his loved ones. But he showed no reaction when the judge established probable cause for the charges and sent the case to the Grand Jury.  

Burkeen's case goes before the Grand Jury next week.  A decision on the future of the case is expected November 5th.

Prosecutors say a second case against Cory Burkeen, regarding an August burglary is still being prepared.