Trial Date Set For Mark Taylor


Reporter - Lauren Adams
Photojournalist - Randall Barnes

PADUCAH, KY-   When lawyers met in McCracken Circuit Court Friday it should have been to tie up lose ends.  After all, August 10th was exactly one month from when Mark Taylor's trial was scheduled to begin.

But instead, both sides were debating when the trial would get underway.  Several attorneys, citing conflict of interest, had backed out of the murder case just weeks before.

It forced the defense to start from square one.  It is why Craig Newbern, a capital case specialist with the Department of Public Advocacy, pleaded with the judge for more time.


"How long are you thinking you need to be ready to start trial?" Judge Craig Clymer asked.

"I'd be looking at the earliest July," Newbern admitted.

The thought of waiting even longer for brought tears and frustrations to the family of victim CaSondra Evrard.

Evrard, 21, was discovered murdered December 11, 2010, just one day after her family reported her missing.  Mark Taylor, his wife, Jamie, and daughter Jasmine were charged in connection to the murder in the days that followed.

On Friday, Newbern was officially joined by Jason Pfeil, also with the Department of Public Advocacy.  Newbern cited his co-council's lack of knowledge on the case and the fact that his client's life was hanging in the balance, as the case is death-eligible.

But the prosecution fired back, saying most of the discovery has been done by previous lawyers and the trial had already been pushed back twice.

In the end, Judge Clymer denied the defense's request, and set the trial for January 2-4, 7-11, and 14-18.

Commonwealth's Attorney Dan Boaz said later he was pleased to speed up the process for the victim's family, "That is the most important thing, the family. CaSondra's family, that's what we're looking for."

A trial date was also set for Jasmine Taylor.  Her case is on the docket for March 18-29.  Carbondale-based attorney Tim Capps, meanwhile, officially took on the case of Jamie Taylor. He asked for more time to prepare because her case, like her husband's is death eligible. A pre-trial conference in that case is scheduled for September 5th.