Jamie Turney heading to jail


Reporter - Lauren Adams

MCCRACKEN COUNTY, KY- There were several shouts of "I love you, Jamie" as Jamie Turney made his way out of the courtroom Wednesday afternoon.

It was the friends of his stepdaughter, Kira Bryant. The young girls were sophomores at Lone Oak who had cheered with Kira and some said, practically grown up at the Turney house.

The young girl died one day after a motorcycle crash back in June of 2011. Turney had been driving and Kira,14, had not been wearing a helmet. McCracken County Sheriff's Deputies say Turney was over the legal limit at the time.

Initially, he had been charged with murder. But in June, Turney and prosecutors reached a deal, in which he pleaded guilty to a lesser charge of 2nd degree manslaughter.

From the start, Turney's family and friends have rallied around him. In court Wednesday, more than seventy supporters wore ribbons for Jamie and t-shirts for Kira.

It was Kira's mother, and Turney's wife, Dedra who brought many of those supporters to tears.

"He made a horrible mistake. I'll never deny that," she said.

"I understand there is a law but my family has done nothing but suffer," she continued, showing the judge pictures of her family during happier times.

Her husband also had the opportunity to address the court.

Turney told the judge, "I'm sorry, your honor. I am sorry to everybody."

He said he thinks of, and talks to his stepdaughter everyday.

"I can't bring her back," he said, his shoulders slumping forward as he began to sob.

But the tearful testimony was not enough for Judge Tim Kaltenbach who sentenced Turney to 5 years behind bars.

"You have plead guilty to wantonly causing the death of a 14-year-old. So far you spent one day in jail and I am not willing to call that even," the judge said.

Hugging his wife for a final time, Jamie Turney left court.

His attorney, Jeremy Ian Smith said he respects the judge's decision but he will be filing for shock probation on his client's behalf.

The judge could grant that probation after 30 days. If he does not, Turney will have to complete 20 percent of his 5 year sentence before he is eligible for parole.