Victim of former principal wants "no contact" order lifted


WPSD Reporters

MARSHALL COUNTY, Ky. - Standing before a judge Friday morning, Kent Barlow's victim told the court, "I'm a strong person and I know what I'm asking the court to do."

His ex-girlfriend is ready to give Barlow a second chance, and wants the court to do the same.  On Friday she asked the court to lift a no contact order.

Investigators say last March that woman was held at gunpoint, punched in the face and slammed headfirst into the wall by Kent Barlow, the former South Marshall Middle School principal.

But, in a letter to the court, she wrote the night was out of character for the man she spent 4 years with.  She went on to call Barlow her 'best friend.'

Barlow received a 10 year sentence after pleading guilty to wanton endangerment, unlawful imprisonment, and assault for his attack on that woman.  But in November, a judge granted his request for shock probation.

A report from Barlow's counselor, who also met with the victim reads in part 'Both appear to be responsible, mature individuals who...will likely be able to develop a quality love relationship.'

"I know in my heart it's the right thing for myself.  I really need for this to occur at this time," she told the judge.

Circuit Judge Dennis Foust made some concessions Friday. He ruled the pair will be able to talk to each other on the telephone and attend counseling sessions together.

Commonwealth's Attorney Mark Blankenship told the court in his opinion, it was too early to lift that no contact order.  Foust said he would make a decision sometime next week.