Season looks promising for Ky Farmers


Reporter - Lauren Adams
Photojournalist - Chad Darnall

BALLARD COUNTY, Ky. - Last year in the midst of drought, the bright spot according to one farmer was crop insurance. This year, it is actually a successful wheat crop.

In Kentucky, the state is forecasting the crop to be up 35-percent from last year's harvest. An estimated 39.2 million bushels are expected to be produced.

It marks the start of a season that local farmers say they were depending on to put money back in their pockets and food on the tables of America's families.

"Of the 15 years I've been farming, last year was the worst we had experienced," Aaron Wilson, with Wilson Farms remembered of the drought.

On Thursday, he was planting soybeans and preparing to harvest wheat next week.

"It's very nice to be busy and its nice to plant at a time when you know conditions are right," he continued.

The county's extension agent, Tom Miller says the wheat is looking good, mainly because this spring's weather kept bugs and diseases at bay.

"We had a tremendous amount of wet weather. But when we had the wet weather we were cool and I think we escaped most of the wheat disease problems that we normally have," he said.

Miller says the harvest will also be bigger this year because after last year's failed corn crop, many farmers planted more wheat and planted it sooner.

"We have a very good start," Aaron Wilson said.

The wheat crop should be harvested next week. For now, prices are holding steady.