32 weeks pregnant and still volunteering to help tornado victims


Reporter: Mychaela Bruner
Photographer: Justin Jones

BROOKPORT, Ill.—It has been six days since the EF 3 tornado touched down in a local community.  The past several days have been hard on the families living in Brookport, Illinois who were affected and lost almost everything.
Realization has set in and now the community and volunteers are coming together to help re-build Brookport.  The weather yesterday permitted volunteers from helping, but today was a different story.  Volunteers filled the old gym behind the Brookport Elementary School to help fold and organize clothing for families in need.

A miraculous story of a local woman who is 32 weeks pregnant and still volunteering after the tornado ripped through Brookport Sunday afternoon. 

Susan Dowdy said feeling her baby kick is something she is used to, but last Sunday it was her adrenaline that kicked in.

"I didn't even think about being pregnant until everybody started freaking out about me," said Dowdy.

Dowdy is 32 weeks pregnant and her baby shower turned into triage in a matter of moments.

"We tore curtains off the walls to cover people up and we just did anything and everything we could to make sure people were OK and the ambulances were able to get in," said Dowdy.

Lisa Bremer said she is thankful for people like Dowdy who have volunteered their time to help the victim's of the EF 3 tornado that ripped through their community.

"It's phenomenal. At 2 o'clock last Sunday none of us knew what was going to take place and it's not even 2 o'clock this Sunday and it's just help from everywhere that has come in," said Bremer.

Dowdy says she's trying to help families piece together what mother nature tore apart.

"You never think that something like this is going to happen when it does just seeing those wounded people, my heart melted, there was no time for emotions," said Dowdy.

Dowdy said her baby, due on January 17th, can be the silver lining to the storm.

Dowdy is having a second baby shower tomorrow.

If you would like to volunteer or donate items to the old gym behind Brookport Elementary School, click here. Bremer says they are in need of 10 saw horses.