Missing Person's Death Investigated As Homicide


Gerran Thomas

Calloway County, KY- New charges are on the way against four people charged in connection with a deadly fight. Deputies now say they are investigating the case as a homicide. Calloway County Sheriff's deputies arrested Michael Lynch, Timothy Adams, Tiffany Adams and Jessica Johnson. Lynch is charged with first degree assault, the other three are charged with complicity to assault in connection with the death of Carl Douglas McGowan. McGowan was reported missing on Sunday. Deputies found his body in rural Calloway County Monday. A preliminary autopsy calls the death a homicide. There are plenty of questions, but deputies are confident new information is pointing them in the right direction.

Not long after the death investigation started those pieces led deputies here to the intersection of Ky-1536 and Highway 280 in rural Calloway County. Deputies don't know what led to this point, but say that's where Michael Lynch, Timothy Adams Tiffany Adams and Jessica Johnson and the victim ended up. Investigators believe they got out of the car, exchanged words before Carl McGowan was killed. 

Neighbors say the rain probably washed away a trail of blood that started in the street and lead through the woods to a ravine nearby.
Preliminary autopsy results point to a homicide but don't point to a weapon or time of death. Detectives Sam Bierds says all four were driving around before the fight and although he doesn't know much more than that, he's glad to have four people connected with the death behind bars.

"I wish Mr. McGowan didn't have to die.If I can take any comfort in the fact knowing four people are under arrest. Hopefully it can help the family find some sort of closure to this incident."