Cold Weather Concern: Frozen Lakes, Ponds


Gerran Thomas

Marshall County, KY - Cold weather brings about new concerns when it comes to frozen ponds and lakes. The problem is, ice that looks thick enough to walk on, usually is not in our part of the country. Emergency responders warn local families as cold weather continues to stick around.

Marshall County Rescue Squad Chief Carl Curtner says he is thankful our area has not seen many cases of where ice rescue are needed. To make sure that doesn't change, he and other law enforcement officers are warning everyone stay away from frozen ponds and lakes. They may seem like inviting places during the winter months, but experts say both can turn dangerous in a matter of seconds. 

"Hypothermia sets in real quick and your body starts losing muscle control," Curtner told Local 6. "Cold water makes heat leave your body 25 times faster than air does, your reflexes slow, muscles and limbs start contracting and you go into stress real quick," he added.

Experts say if someone falls into freezing water, they usually have less than 15 minutes before they become exhausted and could have less than 45 minutes to survive.

Frozen ponds are especially dangerous for kids because that's where they want to be skating on ice or playing. Looking at the ice may be very deceiving because what looks to be frozen may not be strong enough to support a few pounds.

"We haven't had the type of weather required to thoroughly freeze ponds and lakes," said McCracken County Sheriff Jon Hayden.

Even though rocks easily slide across a frozen lake, they are no match for your body weight. Its why first responders say everyone should stay away from frozen waters.