Paducah City Manager Jim Zumwalt resigns


Gerran Thomas

PADUCAH, KY - City Manager Jim Zumwalt resigned suddenly after 12 years on the job. The resignation came after a five hour closed-door city commission meeting. Neither Zumwalt or city leaders are saying what happened behind those closed-door meetings. His resignation came as somewhat of a shock to many members of the city staff.

Mayor Bill Paxton fought back tears as he announces to city staff that their City Manager resigned.

"I just want to say as mayor, Jim has been a wonderful friend and confident of mine," Paxton told city staffers.
It was a decision Jim Zumwalt says he made after hours of closed door meetings with City Commissioners. No one would talk specifics about what went on behind closed doors but city leaders tell us it was an emotional day for all involved. Commissioners also tell Local 6 it wasn't one thing, but a combination of factors that led to Zumwalt's resignation. They all accepted his resignation unanimously but with mixed emotions. City leaders made statements thanking Zumwalt for his service before the outgoing manager took the podium.

"I hope your careers are half as rewarding as mine has been," Zumwalt told his former city colleagues.

His resignation is effective immediately so as Zumwalt steps out, the Mayor asked staff to pull together until another City Manager is in place.