Addicted to drugs and crime


Julie Collins

PADUCAH - McCracken County Sheriff Jon Hayden told Local 6 all five suspects arrested yesterday in connection with methamphetamine lab activity are repeat offenders.

It's something the sheriff said he sees a lot but this type of drug activity in neighborhoods doesn't sit well with him.

"At some point they have got to go to prison they have got to do their time and not be paroled or probated," Hayden said. "We don't know want McCracken county or this area to be a comfortable setting for criminal activity, especially the drug traffickers."

And so they'll continue surveillance operations and patrols to lock up as many criminals as possible.

"It's a tough battle but we're going to continue to do what we do and try to get as many of these people off the streets as we can," Hayden said.  "We've dealt with them on numerous occasions and it's very frustrating to know that they didn't learn their lesson.  For some people they enjoy the criminal lifestyle and the criminal element. It's a way of life for them."