A preliminary plan to bring in jobs


Reporter - Briana Conner
Photographer - Randall Barnes

FULTON COUNTY, Ky. — Local and state leaders are working on a deal to haul a new industry in to a part of western Kentucky that has one of the highest unemployment rates in the state. 

The plan is still tentative, but we know the Kentucky Cabinet for Economic Development has given preliminary approval for an incentives package that would allow a German automotive company to build a $17.5 million plant in Fulton County, Kentucky. Kayser Automotive Systems could bring more than 120 new jobs to the area that would pay $17 an hour. People who live in Fulton County say they're more than ready to get to work.

At Miss Martha's in Hickman, it usually doesn't take long for the conversation to turn the economy. Steve Loftin said. "We just have a few places for people to work. They have to go outside of Hickman to really find any jobs."

With an unemployment rate sitting just under 16 percent, people who live in Fulton County say a new plant could help turn things around. Sherry Voorhees said, "Anytime we hear any word of industry, we get very very excited."

This plan comes just a little more than four months after it was announced a candle making company would set up shop in Fulton County at the old Dana Manufacturing Facility. When it comes to any kind of new jobs, community members say the more the merrier. "We'll take them right now. We do want them. We want them pretty bad," said Loftin.

Nancy Kunselman co-owns Miss Martha's and said more jobs means more customers. "I just think people would eat out more often," she said. It's a county that needs to serve up more opportunities. "It'd probably help the whole area around here out," Loftin said.

Eddie Crittendon with the Economic Development Partnership in Fulton and Hickman County would not comment on this preliminary plan. He did say Governor Steve Beshear is scheduled to be in Fulton County on Friday at 10:30 to make an industrial announcement.