After FEMA public assistance denial, Massac County leaders set to re-apply for federal aid


Reporter - Robert Bradfield
Photojournalist - Mason Watkins

BROOKPORT, Ill. - Almost two weeks after FEMA denied federal financial help to clean-up portions of Massac County, Joe Miller is now going back over the numbers to see what he missed or what could be included in the state's second request for aid.

"We are going back and looking at expenses that were incurred after the preliminary disaster assessment," said Miller.

Miller is the county's emergency services director.  He said there may be some overtime and winter weather clean-up costs that FEMA could approve for reimbursement.

"The city of Brookport was already on a tight budget and Massac County government is trying to cut corners wherever they can," he said.

An Illinois Emergency Management Agency spokesperson said the federal threshold for the state works against less populated counties like Massac.

"It's very hard when we have disasters that affect smaller communities in Illinois when we have a large population center in the Chicago area and that's not impacted," said Patti Thompson.

The state must submit the second application by February 9th.